Advertising Vacancies

Work-based learning
If you and your organisation are looking to recruit students on a temporary basis through an internship or placement, or even through a graduate scheme, then we can help! If you are interested in working with the University to fill your opportunities, register yourself on our system to start your recruitment journey.
All vacancies are promoted to students through emails and RSS feeds, and our team monitors newly added vacancies and promotes them directly with Heads of Schools and Faculty Leaders.

Vacation work and part-time jobs
Is your organisation Bolton based? Does your organisation need some additional support? Maybe you’re looking for a weekend shop assistant, an office receptionist or someone to lead on camp activities? With over 10,000 students based on the Bolton Campus, our students are constantly looking for paid, part-time work to help fund their studies. You can advertise your vacancies on StudentHub.

Advertising vacancies using StudentHub is completely free. You will not be charged. The University of Bolton accepts job vacancy adverts from employers and other organisations in good faith. Employers submitting job vacancies are required to take responsibility to advertise details in accordance with employment legislation. We reserve the right to refuse publication of vacancies that do not comply. Read our Terms and Conditions for more detail.