Terms and Conditions

The University of Bolton provides a free vacancy advertising service to employers.  This service is managed by the University of Bolton’s Careers and Employment team.  Please read the following Terms and Conditions of use, before placing an advertisement.

The placement of a job advert on this system will be deemed acceptance of and agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

The University of Bolton Careers Service only accepts instructions from Registered Companies and organisations.

The University of Bolton has a duty to establish that organisations registering on the system are legitimate companies offering genuine work opportunities for our students and graduates; therefore we reserve the right to refuse to publish an opportunity should we be unable to obtain sufficient information from the advertiser to satisfy this requirement.

You should clearly detail the work offered and specify any necessary skills required.  Please include details about the terms of employment, including the location of the work, proposed wages and outline any other employee benefits.
View our  guidelines for advertising job vacancies.

Employers must make sure that all advertisements are fully compliant with current employment legislation. This includes but is not limited to compliance with legislation against discrimination in employment on the basis of protected characteristics.

Approving Organisations
Organisations that we may not approve include, but are not limited to:

  • Any organisation which we suspect may be illegal, unethical or discriminatory.
  • Any organisation with which an association may bring the University of Bolton or its students into disrepute.
  • Any organisation which does not provide adequate address, website and contact details which means that we are unable to verify the organisation.

Vacancies we do not advertise
The University of Bolton Careers and Employment team asserts full editorial control over the vacancies submitted and reserves the right to refuse to advertise a vacancy without providing a specific reason. The following opportunities cannot be advertised at the University of Bolton:

  • Vacancies that pay below the adult national minimum wage*
  • Vacancies that pay commission only - either wholly or principally commission only
  • Vacancies that require an individual to be self-employed
  • Vacancies where students are employed by a private individual or household
  • Vacancies that require students to make any form of payment
  • Vacancies which promote or endorse illegal activity e.g., pyramid selling schemes
  • Vacancies which are linked to the Adult/Sex industry
  • Vacancies which represent an undue health and safety risk
  • Vacancies which appear to be misleading, incomplete or inaccurate

*Please note: There will be a delay in publication of your vacancy if no salary information is provided - whilst it is acceptable to write 'competitive salary' we have a duty of care to ensure your advertisement meets or exceeds the National Minimum wage. If you do not wish to publish the actual salary, please can you add in brackets (meets or exceeds NMW).

Recruitment Agencies
We acknowledge that Recruitment Agencies provide a route to a market for students and graduates. We therefore will advertise vacancies on behalf of Recruitment Agencies, and this is free of charge. However, the following points should be noted:

  • Checks will be made to ensure that all agencies are members of REC or other professional bodies.
  • Agencies will be asked to disclose the name of their clients.
  • If an agency submits a vacancy advertised by a client, or a client submits a vacancy already provided by an agency, then we will advertise the client vacancy, unless otherwise instructed by the client.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to work with an agency for any reason.

Paid Opportunities
The Careers and Employment team will only advertise UK-based opportunities, including internships, which comply with the National Minimum Wage (NMW) legislation.  For opportunities outside of the UK, the Careers and Employment team will only advertise those which comply with the minimum wage legislation of that country or state. For those countries without such legislation, we require organisations to match that of the equivalent UK rate.
Opportunities which are commission-based will not be approved unless there is at least a NMW base salary.

Unpaid Opportunities
Any advertised, unpaid opportunities must be with a charity, voluntary organisation, associated fundraising or statutory body. It is ultimately the employer's responsibility to ensure that any internships and voluntary opportunities advertised comply with NMW legislation.

Voluntary Work
Registered charities, voluntary organisations, associated fundraising bodies or statutory bodies (such as schools and hospitals) have a special exemption in the NMW legislation, called the 'Voluntary Worker Exemption'.  Voluntary workers at such organisations are exempt from the NMW as long as they receive no monetary payments and their compensation is limited to specified expenses and benefits.
Find out more here.

An individual's entitlement to the NMW depends on whether they are deemed to be a 'worker'.  It depends on whether the individual has a contract of employment or whether there is any other explicit or implicit arrangement which could be interpreted as such.  If the individual is a 'worker' they must be paid at least the NMW, unless one of the exemptions applies.
Find out more here.

The terms 'internship' and 'work experience' do not have defined legal meaning and therefore what matters is the nature of the relationship between the individual and the organisation they are working at. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each employer to ensure that they comply with relevant legislation.

To advertise voluntary opportunities with us, your organisation and opportunities must meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered with the UK Charity Commission or be a recognised statutory body.
  • Accept liability for all volunteers recruited and be able to meet any liabilities through an adequate insurance policy.
  • Have adequate policies in place such as health and safety, child protection and working with vulnerable adults (where applicable).
  • Have a named person who is responsible for the supervision and support of volunteers.

If you would like more information about working with our Volunteering Service, please contact StudentUnion@bolton.ac.uk

Work Shadowing
Students undertaking work shadowing need not be paid the NMW, because they are only observing work and do not undertake any work themselves.  They do not have any contractual arrangement and are not classed as 'workers'.
For these opportunities to be advertised on our website, the organisation is asked to cover reasonable travel and lunch expenses to ensure that students are not left out of pocket.  A work shadowing opportunity should not be longer than 1-2 weeks.

Advertising vacancies based in private homes
We are unable to advertise vacancies based in private homes due to personal safety and liability insurance issues. We do, however, accept these vacancies where they are endorsed by a third party such as the local council or an agency and are distributed to us directly via these organisations.  We expect that the third party will have vetted the home working environment and provide insurance and support as well as payroll for their employees.

Vacancy Advertising
All opportunities are advertised at the discretion of the University’s Careers and Employment team and we reserve the right to edit listed vacancies and promotional copy where necessary.

  • To advertise your opportunity, log in or register on our system.
  • Vacancies must be approved by us before they go 'live' on our website for students and graduates to view.  You will receive an email once your vacancy has been approved.
  • Vacancies will be advertised until the specified closing date, so please ensure this is completed.
  • It is the responsibility of the employer to let all candidates know the result of an application as soon as possible.
  • The employer should be aware of students' study obligations and not ask them to work in excess of 20 hours per week, except during vacations and other periods when a student does not have the usual pressures of study.
  • It is the duty of the employer to meet all statutory legal requirements with regard to students employed from Bolton.
  • The Careers and Employment team will promote opportunities via our online system to students and graduates, although we cannot guarantee responses to adverts or opportunities.

Editing your Vacancy
Once published, the vacancy cannot be edited by the employer directly. To edit a vacancy, employers must make a change request to the Careers and Employment team. The team will then amend the employer’s vacancy as instructed. This is to ensure that Careers and Employment staff are aware of any changes on any vacancies and can communicate changes to staff and students where necessary.

Your feedback is crucial to the continued provision of this free service.  We would also like to hear from you if you have successfully recruited one of our students and/or graduates.  To provide feedback please email us at:studenthub-careers@bolton.ac.uk.